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    Five-day search for Lake Pontchartrain oilfield worker ends with body's discovery

    The five-day search for Timothy Morrison, an oilfield worker who disappeared when a storage platform exploded while his crew was cleaning it in Lake Pontchartrain, ended Friday afternoon (Oct. 20) with the discovery of his body about three miles west of the structure. A Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office helicopter spotted the body on the shoreline near the Jefferson-St. Charles Parish border just after 1 p.m., and authorities recovered it for an autopsy, Jefferson Sheriff Joe Lopinto said.

    Timothy Morrison 44 of Katy Texas whose body was found Friday after an oil platform explosion in Lake Pontchartrain is shown with his wife and children.Morrison was one of eight men who were cleaning the Clovelly Oil Co. platform about 1 and 1/2 miles northwest of Kenner's Williams Boulevard boat launch when the explosion occurred Sunday night. The cause has not been determined. The other seven men, all injured, made it to a crew boat and returned to shore.

    Morrison, 44, and his wife, Erika, had three children: John Patrick, Adriana and Katherine. The family lives in Katy, Texas, a Houston suburb. A memorial service is scheduled Sunday in Athens, Texas, where Morrison has relatives.

    "I have spoken with numerous members of the family and let them know of the recovery efforts," Lopinto said. "Obviously they're upset, but on the other hand they're glad...


    Oilfield Worker Critically Injured In Gas Wellhead Explosion Tuesday Morning

    Josh White, 26, of Canadian, was critically injured in an explosion at a wellhead on a LeNorman location about 15 miles south of town Tuesday morning. White was flown from the location by LifeStar helicopter to Lubbock’s University Medical Center, where at last report, he was being evaluated by surgeons.

    Josh White 26 of Canadian was critically injured in an explosion at a wellhead on a LeNorman location about 15 miles south of town Tuesday morningThe accident occurred around 8 am on the Madeline 55-261 2H wellhead, located south of SH 33 on CR 14. A fracking crew for Cudd Energy Services had been working north of the location for several days, during which time, wells at nearby locations were shut in to help build up pressure. White, an employee of Canadian Contract Pumping, Inc., had been sent to the wellhead to open a valve and release the pressure. In the process, an explosion occurred.

    According to Hemphill County Sheriff Nathan Lewis, a Cudd crew witnessed the gas explosion from a nearby hill and rushed to the site, where they found White lying on the ground. Both his right arm and left leg were badly mangled, but were not severed, as reported earlier by Amarillo news media.

    Lewis said there was no fire, and that contrary to earlier reports, White had not been burned, though one side of his head was singed from the...


    Search Called Off For Missing Worker After Offshore Oil Platform Blast in Louisiana

    Coast Guard crews called off their search for a Texas man presumed dead after an offshore oil rig explosion in Louisiana, officials said Monday.

    A worker stands on the oil and gas platform that burned in Lake Pontchartrain on Sunday nightTimothy Morrison, of Katy, vanished Sunday night as the cleaning crew escaped the massive inferno at the Lake Pontchartrain oil platform.

    The thunderous blast shook homes in the New Orleans suburb of Kenner, more than a mile and a half away. There, onlookers could see flames and black smoke pouring into the night sky.

    The 44-year-old subcontractor never made it to shore like seven of his colleagues did in a crew boat. At least five suffered critical burns from the fiery blast.

    One of the workers, Lawrence Dufrene, 45, of Marrero, remained in serious condition Monday, according to the Advocate newspaper.

    “The decision to suspend a search is never an easy one,” Commander Zac Ford said in a statement. “We send our thoughts and prayers to the Morrison family and all those affected by this incident.”

    The search crews sent the day combing the water by boat and air for signs of the missing worker.

    The search was called off Monday for a missing worker who never made it to...<p><a href=READ MORE AT ROUGHNECK CITY NEWS ⇨

    Two Injured In Oil Tank Explosion Near Dilley, Texas

    Two oilfield workers were injured after an oil storage tank exploded at an oilfield near Dilley, Texas, according to La Salle County Sheriff's Office.

    Two oilfield workers were airlifted from the scene to San Antonio for treatmentEmergency responders were sent to Ledwig Ranch between Dilley and Millet in La Salle County around 10:45 a.m. Tuesday where LSCO said the site is operated by Carrizo Oil and Gas.

    When emergency crews arrived they found a number of upright oil storage tanks fully engulfed in flames. LSCSO said an oil tank battery had ignited and the cause unknown at the moment.

    Plumes of smoke could be seen in the sky all the way from Cotulla, according to reports.

    Firefighter surrounded the scene and remained on site to help extinguish the remaining fires and prevent the possible spread to the surrounding open areas.

    Two oilfield workers were airlifted from the scene to San Antonio for treatment to injuries sustained. There was no word on the severity of their injuries. LSCO said that oilfield workers are often airlifted for treatment when injuries are minor as it is the fastest mode of transportation.

    Source: WFAA


    Search For Missing Worker Continues After Oilfield Explosion In Louisiana

     A desperate search for a missing Louisiana worker has continued into Monday after an explosion occurred on a large oil rig Sunday night, authorities confirmed to ABC News.

    Jefferson Parish La. authorities and others from other parishes respond to an oil rig explosion in Lake Pontchartrain off Kenner La. Oct. 15 2017The Kenner Police Department said it fielded a flurry of 911 calls at 7:18 p.m. Sunday after witnesses heard a loud explosion and reported seeing a large fireball and cloud around Lake Pontchartrain, which is just north of New Orleans.

    Lt. Brian McGregor told ABC News that after their phones line lit up, boats were launched by Kenner Police Department and Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries "within seconds." The crews assisted seven injured workers and transported another four stranded workers aboard the rig to shore, but one victim remains unaccounted for.

    "We wanted to get to those people," McGregor told ABC News. "I was there when the boat came in with seven people."

    The majority of victims suffered burn injuries, McGregor said.

    Five workers in critical condition were rushed to University Medical Center, a level 1 trauma center, and two others were taken to East Jefferson General Hospital. Michael Guillot, director of East Jefferson Emergency Medical Services, said the victims suffered "blast-type injuries and...


    Geologist Bets On North Sea Gusher That May Never Come

    When many oil companies were hunkering down trying to save money, Robert Trice, a geologist, spent four months on a drilling rig in the rough waters west of Scotland’s Shetland Islands. He wanted to make sure he was there to make quick cost-cutting decisions, and he could not wait to see the results.

    Robert Trice the head of Hurricane Energy spent four months on a drilling rig west of Scotlands Shetland Islands to gather geological information firsthand. Behind him a routine gas flare.“Getting early geological information is worth its weight in gold,” he said in an interview.

    The effort turned out to be worthwhile. A well, in an area called Lancaster, that Mr. Trice’s company, Hurricane Energy, drilled on, produced oil at the very healthy rate of 15,000 barrels a day, suggesting the presence of very promising resources.

    Mr. Trice was taking advantage of the sharp drop in costs of drilling to pursue his sometimes quixotic 12-year quest to prove that undiscovered troves of oil still lie in British waters — if you just know where to look.

    Most oil below Britain’s North Sea and elsewhere is found trapped between the grains of porous rock, like sandstone. Mr. Trice is, instead, drilling into granite formations almost three billion years old. Granite is crystalline and impermeable, but Mr. Trice is betting that myriad cracks or...


    Oil Rig Explodes In Louisiana Lake, Injuries Reported

    An oil rig exploded Sunday night in Lake Pontchartrain in St. Charles Parish, a Louisiana police department said.

    Jefferson Parish authorities and others from other parishes respond to an oil rig explosion in Lake Pontchartrain as seen from a staging area near the Treasure Chest Casino in Kenner La. Sunday Oct. 15 2017Kenner Police Department spokesman Sgt. Brian McGregor said Sunday evening that rescue boats were being sent from the Kenner Boat Launch, and that officials with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office are assisting, The Times-Picayune reported .

    There were "a lot of injuries," many of them serious, with at least seven confirmed and more expected, McGregor said.

    Initial reports said six people were injured and one person was missing.

    Five of the injured were taken to University Medical Center with "blast type injuries and burns" and are in critical condition, said Mike Guillot, director of East Jefferson Emergency Medical Services. The other two are in stable condition at East Jefferson General Hospital. Search and rescue efforts were continuing as of Sunday night. No deaths have been reported.

    Reports came into the Emergency Operations center around 7:15 p.m. of fire and smoke being seen from Lake Pontchartrain, Jefferson Parish spokesman Antwan Harris said in a news release Sunday night.



    Environmental Activists To Protest Oilfield Prayer Day Message

    Photo courtesy of Ashley Nicole McCrayLast year, Governor Mary Fallin declared October 13th “Oilfield Prayer Day,” a special day of “faith” where she asked the citizens of Oklahoma to “pray for oil.” With few people actually finding in the Bible where Jesus asked us to bow our heads before fossil fuels, the ensuing backlash forced Fallin to change to original mission to “praying for the workers” toiling away in the oilfields instead.

    Native activist Ashley Nicole McCray believes this pro-oil proclamation was an “intentional and purposeful” slight, not only announced last year on what should’ve been Indigenous People’s Day but also as a response to the numerous Native activists that had been working on bringing the dangers of oil pipelines and fracking both locally and abroad to the forefront of the media.

    “You can tell, in the general proclamation, how pro-oil it is because it talks about how the oil and the resource extractions “take care” of the people of Oklahoma,” McCray said. “Because of all the problems our state is dealing with because of oil, we felt this day needed to be addressed. We’re not going to stand for leadership that upholds the needs and wants and desires of Big Oil, so we feel like it is really important to draw attention to this issue as much as possible.”

    Numerous groups of environmental activists and water...


    Permian Petroleum Industry Remains On The Rise

    By all measures, the Permian Basin’s oil and gas industry is on the rise.

    A worker prepares to lift drills by pulley to the main floor of Endeavor Energy Resources LPs Big Dog Drilling Rig 22 in the Permian basin outside of Midland TexasThe Texas Permian Basin Petroleum Index, on the rise since October 2016, was up 23.6 percent in August from

    August 2016 levels, fueled by higher commodity prices and oil field activity, according to Karr Ingham, the Amarillo economist who prepares the index.

    “Once again, only natural gas well completions are down compared to year-ago levels, with all other measures of regional upstream oil and gas activity vastly improved compared to the numbers in 2016,” he said.

    August crude prices averaged $44.70, up 7.7 percent from $41.49 last August. The year-to-date average is $45.79, up 22.4 percent from the $37.40 averaged in the first eight months of 2016.

    “Crude oil prices continue to post year-over-year increases through August, but that is in part because prices had declined in July and August 2016 after rising to over $45 a barrel in June on the heels of bottoming out in February,” Ingham said.

    He said there has been little movement in crude oil prices in more than a year. After recovering to more than $45 a barrel in June 2016, posted prices have averaged only about $45 a barrel since...


    Chevron Abandons Drilling Plans On Great Australian Bight

    Major international energy company Chevron has announced it has joined BP in abandoning plans to drill in the Great Australian Bight on South Australia's west coast.

    Chevron said its decision had nothing to do with government policy or environmental concernsIt said while the Bight had massive potential, low oil prices had forced it to concentrate on other projects.

    Chevron said the decision to ditch its $400 million plans had nothing to do with government policy, regulatory, community or environmental concerns.

    In October last year BP announced it would not proceed with exploration drilling in the Bight.

    A month after BP's announcement, Chevron reaffirmed its plan to drill four exploration wells there.

    At the time, Chevron Australia's general manager of exploration David Moffat said he believed oil prices would rebound.

    He also expressed confidence in Chevron's ability to drill without mishap.

    Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said there were still companies looking to drill in the Bight and those opposed to any development needed to stay vigilant.

    "One of the big companies of course still left on the table is Statoil from Norway," Senator Hanson-Young said.

    "Over the next week I'll be reaching out to the Norwegian ambassador and the Norwegian Government to say 'look, it's just not worth it,...


    What’s At Risk For Energy If Trump Kills The Iran Deal

    Iran, already struggling to attract investors to its energy industry, may find things tougher still as U.S. President Donald Trump tries to undermine the nuclear deal that eased sanctions on OPEC’s third-largest crude producer.

    How could a U.S. decision affect energy markets?His efforts won’t immediately curb the flow of some 2.3 million barrels of daily Iranian crude exports -- more than three times the amount of oil the U.S. has sold abroad over the past year. For investors, however, the risks could be higher. Companies such as Total SA, which in July became the first major Western energy company to sign a production deal with Iran since the 2015 accord, may face new hurdles in contributing to the Persian Gulf country’s estimated $100 billion need for oil and natural gas investment.

    How could a U.S. decision affect energy markets?

    A declaration from Trump this week that Iran is in breach of the spirit of the agreement intended to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons could splinter the pact that world powers reached with the Persian Gulf nation two years ago. Iran denies that it seeks to build atomic weapons, and its Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has said the U.S. “failed to implement its side of the bargain.”

    If a Trump decision leads to tighter U.S. restrictions, it could choke off the foreign investment...


    160 New Oilfield Jobs Coming To Lewis County West Virginia

    Fountain Quail Energy Services is bringing more than 160 jobs to Lewis County as part of a new field office the oilfield services company is opening in the Jane Lew Industrial Park, according to Del. Patrick Martin, R-Lewis.

    Del. Patrick Martin left and Fountain Quail Energy Chief Operating Officer Robert Sloan“This is great news for our region and state,” Martin said. “When I learned that Fountain Quail was looking to open an office, the Jane Lew Industrial Park location seemed like an ideal fit, and I reached out to company officials to encourage them to consider it.

    “While they looked at sites in other states, in the end Fountain Quail recognized that West Virginia provided the best opportunity for the future of their company.”

    Fountain Quail Energy Services provides an integrated set of oilfield water management solutions, including water trucking, water transfer, wastewater treatment and recycling and saltwater disposal.

    Fountain Quail Drilling, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fountain Quail Energy Services, provides top-hole drilling services across the Appalachian Basin and will be headquartered at the Jane Lew facility.

    “We looked at sites in Ohio and Pennsylvania, but Mr. Martin pointed out that the proximity to drilling activity, available facilities and a workforce with a strong work ethic made Jane Lew an easy...


    Halliburton Launches Electromagnetic Pipe Inspection Tool

    Halliburton announced the release of the Electromagnetic Pipe Xaminer® V (EPX™ V) service – a new technology designed to address well integrity issues, more accurately pinpoint casing defects and metal corrosion in up to five tubular strings throughout the well, and help reduce nonproductive time.

    Halliburton announced the release of the Electromagnetic Pipe Xaminer® V (EPX™ V) serviceThis is the first service that can determine the metal loss and condition for each individual tubular in up to five concentric strings. The tool uses High-Definition Frequency technology that emits electromagnetic waves continuously into the well tubulars. These waves are sent in multiple distinct frequencies to increase the tool’s performance and proprietary algorithms determine total thickness and metal loss in each pipe. It is fully combinable with other diagnostic services, such as the Halliburton Acoustic Conformation Xaminer® (ACX™) service, which identifies wellbore leaks, and other corrosion inspection tools.

    The EPX V service can be used as a monitoring tool in mature fields for corrosion rates or as a diagnostic tool to find and define integrity issues as they arise. Operators can run the EPX V service in deviated and horizontal wells through multiple conveyance systems. The technology is available via mono-conductor wireline, the Halliburton RELAY™...


    Statoil Oil Discovery In Verbier Sidetrack

    Statoil and partners have made an oil discovery in the Verbier sidetrack well in the outer Moray Firth on the UK Continental Shelf, proving a minimum of 25 million recoverable barrels of oil in the immediate vicinity of the wellbore. The preliminary results suggest the discovery could range anywhere between 25 and 130 million bbls of oil.

    The Transocean Spitsbergen drilling rigThis is an encouraging result for Statoil and the UK team. We have proven oil in good quality sands with good reservoir properties, but significant work remains, most likely including appraisal, to clarify the recoverable volumes and to refine this range,” said Jez Averty, Senior Vice President Exploration in Norway and the UK.

    The partnership will continue to assess the data and plan further appraisal to determine the exact size of the discovery. The partnership will also seek to determine the commerciality of the discovery in addition to maturing additional opportunities within the P2170 licence.

    The Verbier main wellbore encountered a water-filled sand and the decision was made to drill a sidetrack to assess the remaining potential up-dip.

    “The results show that we made the right decision to sidetrack the well and this discovery proves that there could be significant remaining potential in this mature basin,” said Jenny Morris, Vice President for...


    Woman Found Shot to Death At Missouri City Oilfield

    The body of a young woman was discovered Sunday afternoon by an oilfield worker who was inspecting pump jacks on Blue Ridge RoadThe body of a young woman was discovered Sunday afternoon by an oilfield worker who was inspecting pump jacks on Blue Ridge Road

    Police are investigating the shooting death of a young woman whose body was found in an oilfield on Sunday afternoon.

    Police were called to an oilfield in the 16000 block of Blue Ridge Road and FM 2234, after an oilfield worker found the body of a young woman near one of the pumpjacks at about 3 p.m. 

    Police said the young woman, who is believed to be in her late teens or early 20s, had been shot multiple times, but it was unclear if she was murdered there, or if her body was dumped there, KTRK reported.

    Police are still trying to identify the young woman.

    Source:Sugar Land Patch