Vintage Oilfield Photography

At Roughneck City one of our passions is collecting antique rare oilfield photography glass plate negatives from the beginning of the oil and gas drilling industry!

Once we find and purchase negatives, they are cleaned  meticulously then scanned into high resolution files with a special film scanner that bringing the smallest details to life.

We then spend hours cleaning dust and scratches from sometimes over 100 years of use with our digital editing software to produce photography for our personal collection. It's a long and painstaking process but in the end we have breathtaking industry photography few others can offer!

Our files are then sent to who we consider the finest lab in the United States where they are professionally printed for ourselves and our customers. You receive the exact same quality we produce for ourselves.

Our low prices do not reflect the amount of effort that goes into these images. We do the work for ourselves, then we offer to share our collection here at these very reasonable prices.

Many of our images are in file sizes over 100MB- impossible to display that quality here on a website- but rest assured you are getting the very best in photography.

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