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    Parents Of Man Killed In Oilfield H2S Accident Dismayed After Charge Dismissed

    The parents of a Wawota, Sask., man killed in an oilfield accident more than four years ago say they are “disappointed” by a provincial court judge’s decision to dismiss a workplace safety charge laid against his employer after his death.

    The courthouse in Estevan Sask.“It’s a real disappointment … It was just such a letdown,” Dianne Bunz said.

    “I was disappointed but not surprised — just put it that way,” Allan Bunz said.

    Michael Bunz died on May 22, 2014, near Kipling, Sask., while collecting samples from a facility owned by Harvest Energy Corp. A valve failed, releasing a “deadly, uncontrolled, high-pressure stream” of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas, according to court documents.

    The 38-year-old’s employer, Nalco Champion, was subsequently hit with three workplace safety charges. Two were withdrawn during the trial, and Estevan provincial court judge Lane Wiegers dismissed the last in a written decision handed down earlier this month.

    While a respirator may have saved Bunz’s life, the H2S release “was not reasonably expected” and there “was no better practical means than was used by Nalco to prevent an H2S exposure beyond the contamination limit,” Wiegers concluded.


    Without Enough Oil Workers, Thousands Of Permian Basin Wells May Sit Idle In 2019

    Ryan Byrd worked five years in oilfields from China to West Texas. But after the worst price rout in a generation left him jobless, he's not ready to jump back into the mix.

    Permian Basin JobsNow working at a jail in Huntsville, Texas, the 33-year-old Byrd is happy to have a job that won't disappear under him. His advice to others looking to the oil patch for fat checks: "Just be prepared to one day wake up, go to work and find that the job is not there."

    Welcome to the next big Permian Basin bottleneck. A pipeline shortage slowed output this year, leading to a record 3,722 drilled-but-never-opened wells. But three major conduits set to open in 2019 are expected to solve that. The newest snag: Finding hundreds of workers over the next 18 months to open those wells, at a time when the firing of 440,000 workers between 2014 and 2016 remains a fresh and painful memory.

    "It's a huge concern for 2019," said James Wicklund, a Credit Suisse Group AG analyst in Dallas. "It's frankly today a bigger concern than oil prices, because oil prices are fine where they are. The availability of labor is not."

    By the time the new pipelines are fully in service, potentially adding more than 2 million barrels a day of capacity, the number of unfracked wells could reach 7,000, according to the Tulsa, Oklahoma-based consultant Spears & Associates.


    Veracruz, Mexico Oilman Falls from Platform and Dies

    Reymundo Martínez Tirado made a bad maneuver and fell into the sea at a height of around 15 meters.

    Veracruz Mexico Oilman Falls from Platform and DiesA citizen of Agua Dulce, Veracruz loses his life when he was working on the maritime platform called “Nohoch-Alfa” in the Sonda de Campeche on Monday, November 6.

    Information provided by the authorities of the City of Campeche indicate that the worker who in life responded to the name of Reymundo Martínez Tirado, had his home in the street Emiliano Zapata was performing in the work area, but due to a miscalculated maneuver fell to the sea of a height around 15 meters.

    His companions who saw the moment of the accident threw themselves into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, to try to rescue him but they could not do anything because he had already died.

    The body was rescued by security personnel of the platform and awaiting the staff of the Prosecutor’s Office and ministerial agents, who after carrying out the corresponding proceedings were transferred to the City of Carmen, Campeche to practice the necropsy of the law.


    Suspect Admits To Stabbing Deaths Of Man, Woman At Alberta Oilfield Work Camp

    Kyle Warnke woke to the sound of screams.

    The burned out kitchen area of the work camp near Fox Creek Alta. where two employees were stabbed and murdered. A yellowhandled knife is police exhibit 23 found near the sink.It was just before 1 a.m. on June 30, 2015, at an isolated oilfield work camp in northern Alberta.

    Warnke heard camp worker Hally Dubois plead, "Danny, stop. Danny, stop."

    He peeked into the hallway and saw Dubois kneeling on the floor. Further down the hallway, he spotted piles of blood-stained blankets.

    Warnke locked his bedroom door and pushed a couch in front to serve as an extra barricade. When he looked out his window, the scene was even more horrifying.


    Roustabout, Injured On Oil Rig, Seeks More Than $1 Million In Damages

    A crew member is suing Key Energy Services, Moncla Cos., et al., oil rig operators, citing alleged negligence and an unsafe work environment.

    Roustabout injured on oil rig seeks more than 1 million in damagesLou Henry filed a complaint on Oct. 4, in the Harris County District Court, alleging the defendants failed to provide a seaworthy vessel.

    According to the complaint, the plaintiff alleges that on June 3, he was a roustabout member of the crew working aboard defendants' Rig 103, an oil rig, when he allegedly was ordered to break well pins without adequate equipment. He allegedly was forced back on the handrail, flipped over, fell on the deck below and landed on his wrist. 

    He sustained severe injuries to his back and wrist, allegedly resulting in mental anguish, lost of earnings, disfigurement and medical expenses. 


    Colorado-3 Hurt In Weld County Oil Tank Battery Fire

    The Weld County Sheriff’s Office responded to an oil tank battery fire near Highway 14 and Weld County Road 83 near Briggsdale. Three crew members were hurt; one of them suffered severe burns and had to be flown to North Colorado Medical Center.

    Three Hurt In Tank Battery FireInvestigators say immediate details show the fire started during maintenance operations. The fire is now out.

    Officials say there is no obvious cause, but the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission will take over the investigation. Officials describe the fire as an industrial accident.

    Debris could be seen strewn across the field from Copter4. It appears the lid of one oil tank flew about 100 yards from the site.

    A truck belonging to a company called Element Services was on at the scene. However, officials with Mallard Exploration say the new construction site belongs to them. The workers, however, are contractors.

    “This 10-acre site is located east of Briggsdale in rural Weld County. There are no producing wells currently at this location. While one of the contractors was working on an out-of-service storage tank, sparks from a power tool ignited some residual oil and vapor inside the tank. The contractor suffered burns and was airlifted to hospital. Two other contractors were taken to hospital by ambulance with minor injuries. We are currently informed none of the injuries are considered life threatening,” Mallard Exploration said in an email statement.


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