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    Companies In Quinton Explosion Dispute CSB Findings

    Companies involved in the fatal 2018 Quinton well explosion disagree with a federal agency’s findings from an investigation into the incident.

    Red Mountain Energy President Tony Say center said in a press release that human errors were to blame for the fatal Jan. 22 2018 well explosion and fire..jpgU.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board released its final investigation report Wednesday into the Jan. 22, 2018, incident that left five men dead and one severely injured. The federal agency listed inadequate training and a deactivated alarm system as contributing factors and issued recommendations to Patterson-UTI Energy Inc., Red Mountain Energy, and others.

    Patterson officials released a statement stating it did not agree with all of the agency’s findings but is evaluating how to address issues raised in the report the Associated Press reported.

    “We remain committed to preventing an accident like this from ever happening again,” Patterson told the Associated press.

    The report states RMO deviated from the original drilling plan and “chose to improvise a new plan as they proceeded real time” without “fully considering the hazards of the operation or considering the need for specialized equipment and procedures.”


    Greenpeace Activists Halt BP's North Sea Oil Rig

    Greenpeace activists said on Sunday they halted the progress of an oil rig destined for BP Plc’s North Sea exploration program off the coast of Scotland.

    Archive photo of a Greenpeace attempt to slow down an oil rig.jpgThe activists demanded that one of the world’s biggest energy companies immediately end drilling new wells and invest only in renewable energy or shut its operations and return cash to investors.

    Greenpeace said in a statement that a team of activists in boats drew up besides the 27,000-tonne rig as it was trying to leave Cromarty Firth.

    The statement quoted a Greenpeace activist from Scotland it identified as Jo as saying: “This rig and the 30 million barrels it seeks to drill, are a sure a sign that BP are committed to business as usual, fueling a climate emergency that threatens millions of lives and the future of the living world.”


    Permian Basin Continues To Grapple With Drug, Alcohol Abuse

    The Permian Basin continues to exceed state and even national rates of growth, and unfortunately that also applies to drug and alcohol abuse.

    According to Drug Screen Compliance the positive rate for drug tests is 18 percent twice the national rate of 9 percent. These tests were positive for a combination of marijuana cocaine and opiates.Rhonda Murphy, office manager in the Midland office of Drug Screen Compliance, said that the positivity rate for drug tests nationwide is 9 percent. But in the Permian Basin, it's 18 percent.

    She said marijuana is the most frequent to show up in positive tests, followed by cocaine. Methamphetamines and opiates trade the third and fourth spots, she said.

    Nationwide, the positivity rate has soared 51 percent, but Murphy explained that was because the U.S. Department of Transportation added new screening panels for oxycodone, oxymorphone, hydrocodone and hydromorphone.

    In the thriving Permian Basin, Murphy speculated that some truck drivers may use drugs to help them navigate long hours and many consecutive days at work, so they can earn overtime. But then, she said, the script flips so they're working overtime to earn money to buy drugs.


    Petition To Move Oil Rig Lawsuit To Mexico Denied

    An appeals court has denied a petition to move a lawsuit to Mexico that was brought against an oil rig manufacturer involved in a fatal accident it is accused of causing. 

    File PhotoAccording to the May 9 filing, Friede & Goldman, Ltd. and ABS Entities petitioned the Texas First Court of Appeals for a writ of mandamus and asked the court to grant its motion to dismiss the underlying lawsuit for forum non convenience. 

    Friede & Goldman and ABS Entities stated the court “abused its discretion by denying their joint motion to dismiss because Texas is an inconvenient forum for the lawsuit,” according to the filing. FGL and ABS Entities made a motion for dismissal on the grounds that the “suit should be dismissed for refiling in a court in Mexico. The trial court denied the motion without explanation,” according to the filing. 

    The lawsuit was filed by 44 plaintiffs in Harris County District Court after the oil rig Troll Solution, known as a “jack-up rig,” listed and fell beneath the water’s surface while employees were working on an offshore oil well in the Bay of Campeche, according to the filing. One worker died and 41 of the plaintiffs were onboard during the incident.


    Maersk Drilling To Launch First Hybrid, Low-Emission Rig

    Maersk Drilling will launch its first hybrid, low-emission rig. Combining hybrid power, data intelligence and cleaning technology, the Maersk Intrepid will push the boundaries for low-emission drilling on conventionally powered offshore rigs.

    Maersk Intrepid.A new technological standard for low-emission drilling on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. This is Maersk Drilling’s ambitious target for the ultra-harsh environment jack-up rig Maersk Intrepid, which is entering a series of upgrades to convert it to a hybrid rig with low levels of NOx emissions, adding data intelligence to further reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The upgrades are being carried out in cooperation with Maersk Intrepid’s current customer, Equinor, which has introduced compensation formats to stimulate emission reductions.

    “The Maersk Intrepid project is the result of asking a simple yet challenging question: What would be the most efficient technological approach to minimizing emissions from a rig in the short term? The resulting ideas have been very positively received by Equinor and will contribute to Equinor’s long-term emission targets. It should be noted that the upgrades will not only produce a low-emission profile for the rig; they will also result in cost savings for our customer due to lower energy consumption, so this is business and low-emission targets working hand in hand,” says CCIO Morten Kelstrup of Maersk Drilling.


    API Endorses Revisions To Well Control Rule

    The release last week of revisions to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement Well Control Rule is, according to the American Petroleum Institute, a part of an ongoing effort that has strengthened industry’s actions on safe operations and a regulatory framework that promotes updated, modern, and safe technologies, industry best practices, and operations.

    Deepwater Horizon BOP extraction“This revised well control rule will help to further manage risks and better protect workers and the environment,” said API’s Vice President of Upstream and Industry Operations, Erik Milito. “The revision strengthens the rule and enhances a robust regulatory framework to ensure updated, modern, and safe technologies, best practices, and operations.

    “The safety of our workers, our operations and our communities, along with protection of the environment, is the oil and natural gas industry’s number one priority. Offshore production delivers billions of dollars to the federal treasury and has created thousands upon thousands of jobs throughout the Gulf Coast as well as in states far removed from production activities, where American families and state budgets depend on reliable and abundant energy sources to meet consumer demand and to drive the economy.”


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