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    Lawsuit Aims To Block Oil Drilling On Land In Nevada

    Environmentalists have sued a U.S. agency to try to stop it from allowing oil and gas drilling on a vast stretch of federal land in Nevada, where the government is reversing protections put in place nine months ago under the Obama administration.

    TProtesters oppose drilling in Nevadahe Sierra Club and Center for Biological Diversity say the U.S. Bureau of Land Management illegally failed to consider potential consequences of hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, ranging from harm to the greater sage grouse to contamination of fragile desert water sources and emission of climate-altering greenhouse gases.

    The suit filed last week in federal court in Reno seeks an order forcing the bureau to rescind oil drilling leases it sold in June for as low as $2 per acre on three land parcels covering about 9 square miles (23 square kilometers).

    The groups are asking a judge to forbid permits on an additional 103 parcels totaling 296 square miles (767 square kilometers) until the agency complies with the National Environmental Policy Act and other laws they say require a thorough examination of the potential effects of fracking.

    “The Trump administration wants to turn public lands into private profits for the fossil fuel industry at the peril of local communities and wildlife,” said Clare Lakewood, an attorney at the Center for Biological...


    Halliburton Introduces New Drill Bit For High Energy Applications

    Halliburton has announced the release of GeoTech HE™, a robust drill bit that incorporates new features and materials to deliver enhanced performance and increased reliability in today’s high energy drilling systems characterised by very high weight-on-bit and drilling torque.

    GeoTech HE drill bit. Photo HalliburtonRecent years have seen advances in drilling equipment and practices that have enabled operators to significantly increase energy and drilling speed to reduce costs. As a result, drill bits experience higher forces that challenge traditional design theory and materials and significantly increase risk of damage to the bit body material and API connection.

    GeoTech HE (high energy) bits are built to function in these challenging conditions. Both the matrix and steel platforms incorporate unique design geometries and features focused on high energy systems. The new matrix body incorporates a blend of materials and the new steel body is machined from an advanced alloy material. Both are formulated for increased strength and durability under high torsional and axial loads.

    "The launch of GeoTech HE positions us to drive superior levels of performance in the field as we listen and respond to help our customers meet their drilling objectives," said Scott Regimbald, vice president of Halliburton Drill Bits & Services. "As our...


    Nine Abducted From Ghani Oilfield In 2015 Killed By ISIS

    The Security Brigade of Derna Shura Council unveiled Monday that the nine foreigners abducted by ISIS from Al-Ghani oil field in March 2015 had been executed.

    Nine Abducted From Ghani Oilfield Killed By ISISDerna Shura Council explained in a statement that its forces found in June 2015 five unidentified foreign bodies during a combing operation in the western part of the city following the defeat of ISIS. The bodies, all handcuffed, were handed over to the Libyan Red Crescent and registered as unidentified at the time.   

    But later, the Council managed to identify the five bodies after examining ISIS equipment and laptops seized during the  eight-month-long war against the radical group. One of the laptops was for Czech national Pavel H, a catering coordinator at Al-Ghani oil field. His personal photos found in his laptop were identical to one of the five bodies found during the combing operation.

    From this point, the Council linked the five bodies with the nine foreigners who had been reported missing after an ISIS attack on Al-Ghani oil field. The Council started searching for information and photos of the other missing foreigners and discovered that the four other bodies were for foreign workers from Austria and Ghana, in addition to two from Bangladesh who were reported missing after the ISIS attack.

    In another ISIS laptop,...


    Weir To Hire More Than 100 More New People In Midland Texas

    Weir Oil and Gas committed last week to building a $30 million facility in Midland, but it was revealed Friday how many new jobs were expected to be created in the Tall City.

    This map available from the Midland Development Corp. website shows where the David Mims Business Park is located in Midland. Weir Oil and Gas is looking to purchase the 20-acre western portion of the 73.62-acre site to construct a nearly $30 million customer service facility. Division President Paul Coppinger said during a press conference at the Midland Development Corp. offices that Weir will hire more than 100 new employees on top of the 160 it has currently. 

    Weir struck a deal with the MDC recently that will see the oilfield services company build a 92,000 square-foot facility at the MDC’s currently undeveloped David Mims Business Park on Interstate 20 near Schlumberger’s Midland headquarters. In return, the MDC will offer Weir a $1.8 million forgivable loan to be paid in equal installments over five years so long as the company maintains a payroll of no less than $6 million and a property value of at least $20 million.

    Weir will buy 20 acres of the 73.62-acres available at a cost of $20,000 per acre. The property will be on the tax rolls at $65,000 per acre. 

    Coppinger said the company is glad that its long hunt for a place to consolidate its Permian...


    Cudd Offers Summer Interns Hands-On Experience

    For 10 weeks, Cudd Energy Services crews had every move questioned, every decision studied, every task watched.

    Cudd Energy Services hosted 10 interns this summer.They weren’t being watched by supervisors conducting evaluations. Rather, it was a group of 10 college students participating in the company’s annual summer internship program.

    Joe Lee, Cudd’s technical manager, estimates the company has been conducting the summer program at least the past 10 years.

    “Each year is different. If activity is up, we have more participants. If activity is slower, we have less,” he told the Reporter-Telegram by telephone. He said this year’s participation was up.

    “This summer’s group was excellent, one of the best we’ve had,” he said.

    One thinks of engineering or geology students spending their summers interning at oil production companies, where they spend much of the time in the office, doing paperwork or in front of computers.

    “But we provide an experience oil companies can’t give,” Lee said. “It’s all done at the well site. They participated in the work going on. We give them hands-on experience. So when they graduate and go on to design jobs, they have a better understanding of what’s going on at the well site.”

    From the company’s perspective, Lee said management gets to meet possible future employees “or if they go...


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