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    Oklahoma Oil Worker Struck By Pipe Recovering

    Life took a dramatic change for Booneville native Jacob and his wife Laramie Ashely on Feb. 18.

    Booneville native Jacob Ashley right is home in Charleston withLaramie missed a phone call that night from a phone number she assumed to be from her husband, an oil rig worker in Piedomont, Okla. When she returned the call she learned he husband had been hit with a pipe.

    “His safety guy called me at 8 o’clock that night when it happened, but I missed the call,” said Larmie. “I called back thinking it was just Jacob calling to talk to me. He said ‘your husband was hit in the head with a pipe and we had to take him to the emergency room.’”

    Laramie said she assumed that meant, “he probably had a gash on his head, they’re going to staple it up and he’ll be fine.”

    Jacob, a 24-year old Booneville High School graduate who worked a 14-day session then was off for the same amount of time, was only two days shy of coming home to his home in Charleston to his wife and daughter.

    After the phone call, Laramie arrived at the Oklahoma City trauma center shortly after 11 p.m. to learn the rest of the story.

    The pipe that struck her husband weighed between 650 to 800 pounds, and the damage was extensive.

    Jacob had suffered a broken back — two vertabrae were shattered — he had four broken ribs and he had no feeling in his right arm.

    A single latch elevator is employed to raise pipes into the air, Jacob explains.


    Second Lawsuit Filed Against Companies In Rig Explosion

    A second lawsuit has been filed against the companies involved in the Patterson 219 rig explosion, according to court documents.

    Fires burn at an eastern Oklahoma drilling rig near Quinton Okla. Five people workers were killed after a fiery explosion at a drilling rigTulsa-based attorney Clark Brewster filed the lawsuit in Pittsburg County District Court Friday on behalf of the wife of Roger Cunningham — one of the five men killed in the Jan. 22 rig explosion in Quinton.

    Red Mountain Energy LLC, Red Mountain Operating LLC, Patterson-UTI Drilling Co. LLC, and Patterson-UTI Energy Inc. are listed as the defendants in the petition.

    The lawsuit seeks more than $75,000, plus costs the court deems just and proper.

    The first cause of action claims Roger Cunningham’s death occurred as a direct and proximate result of the negligence, gross negligence, carelessness and recklessness of Red Mountain. The cause continues that Red Mountain owed a duty of care to all those working at the well site, including the duty to implement and maintain safe working conditions.


    Family Attorney For Oil Rig Explosion Victim Explains Lawsuit Against Companies

    Parker Waldridge was married with four daughters, he was the bread winner for his family; and attorney Michael Lyons said someone needs to answer for why he can't be any longer.

    Parker WaldridgeWhen an oil rig in Quinton burst into flames five families got unthinkable news. 

    One of them was the family of 60-year-old Parker Waldridge. 

    "What the family wants is they want to see number one the parties that were responsible for this be held accountable for it," said family attorney Michael Lyons.

    He said the lawsuit filed yesterday proposes two big questions and they deserve answers. 

    "One is, what could've been done to prevent the blowout? And then two, why wasn't the well shut in a timely [manner] to save lives?"

    The suit names defendants:

    Red Mountain Operating, LLC; Red Mountain Energy, LLC; Patterson-UTI Drilling Company, LLC; and Patterson-UTI Energy, INC. 


    Rig Explosion Victim’s Wife Files Lawsuit

    Attorneys filed a lawsuit against the drilling companies involved in the Patterson 219 rig explosion, seeking more than $75,000 in damages for the wife of one of the five men killed.

    Fires burn at an eastern Oklahoma drilling rig near Quinton Okla. Five people workers were killed after a fiery explosion at a drilling rig.The lawsuit — filed in Pittsburg County District Court — alleges negligence and reckless conduct of Red Mountain Operating, LLC, Red Mountain Energy, LLC, Patterson-UTI Drilling Co., LLC and Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc., resulted in the wrongful death of Parker Waldridge, 60, of Crescent, Oklahoma, in the explosion.

    Oklahoma City-based attorney Whitten Burrage and Dallas-based attorney Michael P. Lyons filed the lawsuit on behalf of Waldridge’s wife, Dianna Waldridge.

    The first cause of action in the lawsuit alleges one count of negligence by Red Mountain, which attorneys allege failed to ensure safe working conditions, failed to “properly instruct and supervise its employees,” negligently approved work to be performed by contractors, and failed to hire a competent drilling contractor.

    Patterson faces one count of negligence through the lawsuit's allegations the company failed to provide safe working conditions, failed to properly train employees in rotary drilling operations, failed to properly supervise operations, and directed employees to operate ion unsafe conditions.

    All of the defendants face one count of alleged reckless conduct and one count of alleged wrongful death, according to court documents.


    Semi-Submersible Hits Moored Container Ship In Canary Islands

    The semi-submersible 'West Taurus' broke off her mooring due to strong winds caused by the storm Emma, drifted and eventually hit the container ship 'Spica' while the latter was berthed in Santa Cruz, Port de Tenerife, on Wednesday late night.

    The West Taurus on the leftAbove image is used for illustration purposes only.The Panama-flagged oil platform, which was moored in the Eastern Basin, went adrift after a bollard broke out and breached the container ship which was berthed at the TCT Terminal de Contenedores de Tenerife.

    The German-flagged 'Spica' has reportedly sustained significant damage as a result from the allision, with a hull breach underwater and subsequent water ingress, raising the water level by three metres inside the cargo hold, according to local media.

    The semi-submersible was eventually taken to berth at the TCT Terminal de Contenedores.


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