Pistol Drilling Rig #4 Pulls Crown Down Twice In 1 Month!

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Pistol Drilling Rig #4 has pulled the derrick in for a second time this month on this 900hp Compound rig while drilling for Tulsa, Oklahoma

based Sanguine Gas Exploration.

This incident occurred at the same Sanguine Gas Exploration location in Wheeler County, Texas as a previous April 2nd incident that destroyed the rigs mast.

In the April 2nd incident 1 worker was slightly injured. We have not yet been able to confirm if there were injuries involved in this accident.

Reports from those working in the area indicate that Pistol Rig #4 had just finished repairing damage to the rig, replacing the mast and possibly

the substructure. Workers were in the process of trying to free the stuck pipe from the previous accident when the Crown Block buckled near the

Monkeyboard around dark on April 28th.

Attempts to reach Woodward, Oklahoma based Pistol Drilling have been unsucessful this evening.

In the April 2nd accident Drilling Ahead reported that Pistol Rig #4 was picking up to make a connection @ 12,934' in tight hole conditions 9.5 miles north

and 3 miles west of Texola, Oklahoma just a few miles into Wheeler County, Texas.

Below are photos and videos of this evening accident. We will post additional information as it becomes available.

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