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Second Lawsuit Filed Against Companies In Rig Explosion

March 12, 2018

A second lawsuit has been filed against the companies involved in the Patterson 219 rig explosion, according to court documents.

Fires burn at an eastern Oklahoma drilling rig near Quinton Okla. Five people workers were killed after a fiery explosion at a drilling rigTulsa-based attorney Clark Brewster filed the lawsuit in Pittsburg County District Court Friday on behalf of the wife of Roger Cunningham — one of the five men killed in the Jan. 22 rig explosion in Quinton.

Red Mountain Energy LLC, Red Mountain Operating LLC, Patterson-UTI Drilling Co. LLC, and Patterson-UTI Energy Inc. are listed as the defendants in the petition.

The lawsuit seeks more than $75,000, plus costs the court deems just and proper.

The first cause of action claims Roger Cunningham’s death occurred as a direct and proximate result of the negligence, gross negligence, carelessness and recklessness of Red Mountain. The cause continues that Red Mountain owed a duty of care to all those working at the well site, including the duty to implement and maintain safe working conditions.

Patterson was the drilling contractor and was responsible for conducting and overseeing all rotary drilling operations, including maintaining safe well control so that hazardous and dangerous conditions do not occur, according to the second cause of action claims.

The cause continues to say Patterson — and its employees and agents — failed to fulfill their duty of care resulting in the blowout and fire that killed Roger Cunningham and four other men, court documents state.

One or more state and federal laws and regulations which governed the well site, were violated and constitutes negligence per se, according to the third cause of action claims in the suit.

The fourth and final cause asks for a survival claim “that as a direct and proximate result of the negligence and other acts and omissions of defendants, Roger Cunningham suffered severe physical and mental anguish in connection with his death,” court documents state.

A judgement is sought for all damages available and allowed under Oklahoma law in an amount in excess of $75,000, and an award of punitive or exemplary damages is sought against the defendants in an amount in excess of $75,000 to deter defendants “from committing such recklessness and gross negligence in the future and to apprise the public at large that society does not condone such actions or omissions to act.”

Source: McAlester News

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