1903 Spindletop Oilfield

  • 1903 Spindletop Oilfield
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1903 Spindletop Oilfield

Spindletop was a huge Texas discovery in early oil exploration

Please see "SPECIFICATION" tab (above) for exact dimensions and pricing.

Larger image sizes available upon request-Please call (888) 641-0217 or (580) 526-3953 for details

Vintage Oilfield Photography

At Roughneck City our passions include collecting antique rare oilfield photography glass plate negatives from the earliest days of the oil and gas drilling.
Once we locate these rare negatives, they are cleaned  meticulously and scanned into high resolution files with a special film scanner that brings the smallest details to life.
Next we spend hours with digital editing software cleaning dust and scratches from sometimes over 100 years of use to produce photography for our personal collection.

It's a long and painstaking process but in the end we have breathtaking industry photography few others can offer!

Our files are then sent to the finest lab in the United States where they are professionally printed on mesum quality paper. You receive the exact same quality we produce for ourselves!

Our low prices do not reflect the amount of effort that goes into these images. We do the work for ourselves, then we offer to share our collection here at these very reasonable prices.
Many of our images are in file sizes over 100MB- impossible to display that quality here on a website- but rest assured you are getting the very best in photography.

Exact Image Dimensions & Pricing

In the early days of photography there were no standard size formats of film like today.

Some images were square and some rectangular in many different dimensions.

Here we give the exact dimensions of each image so you know exactly what you will receive and can plan framing/matting accordingly.

If you have any questions please give me a call- collecting vintage oilfield photography is my passion Curtis Hagen (888) 641-0217 or (580) 526-3953

8" X Format 8" X 9.67" $19.95
11" X Format 11" X 13.30" $39.95
16" X Format 16" X 19.34" $69.95
Image Quality


Our vintage oilfield images are the finest quality Chromira Prints available, produced with high resolution scans of the original negatives At 300 PPI, the images produced with Chromira printers are of the highest photographic quality in the industry.

Using ZBE's Resolution Enhancement Technology further improves the visual resolution to 425 PPI, ensuring that you receive a breathtakingly precise image on professional photographic paper.


Our promise to you is simple.  We want you to be completely thrilled with your photography purchase or return it for a full refund! If within 7 days you would like to return a photograph for any reason just place the photograph in the original shipping carton and return undamaged to us.

We will refund your payment to your credit card or paypal account the same day.

No deductions-No restocking fees- a 100% refund-No questions asked! Call us at (888) 641-0217


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