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2015 Oilfield History Wall Calendar

Our huge 2015 Oilfield History Wall Calendar opens to 12" X 26.25" and features a different historic photograph with each month.

Each month contains important dates in oilfield history!


 "January 2, 1866: Sweney receives patent for a stone drill with a bit using rolling cutters as the cutting elements, which is the forerunner of the modern rock bit"

"June 4th, 1899: Kern River Field discovered in California"

67 important dates in the history of oil drilling total

Includes a written
History Of Modern Oil section

"Oilfield History" gold stamped on cover

Spiral wire bound

Heavy gloss card stock paper

(Closed measures 15" x 12"  Open 12" X 26.25")

Includes US Holidays


View slideshow of images below- click on any image to enlarge
NEW-Over a year in the making!

TCI Tricone Rock Bit Pendant Keychain Jewelry

Oilfield Jewelry Keychain Exact Replica of TCI TriconeOur New Tricone Rock Bit Pendant Is Amazing!
  • 3D scanning technology  makes our new tricone rock bit perfect right down to the finest details
  • Machined of solid stainless steel -no need for nickel plating that wears off with time and use
  • 18 Kt. gold plated cones really make this rock bit special
  • Each turning cone has an individual pattern just like an actual rock bit!
  • Cones turn on bushings just like a real rock bit- no pins-no slack
  • Absolutely no other rock bit pendant ever made has been this true to life!
  • It's soild, huge and heavy weighing almost 2 ounces!
  • Pendants measures 1.75" X .75 inches
  • Over measurement 4.25" with free attached keychain
  • Pendant can be removed from keychain for neck chain use- but please remember its large and heavy!
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Please beware of ANY seller claiming to have a tricone rock bit replica of this quality-They are lying to you!

Tool Joint Thread Identifier $12.95

Get a FREE 15 page Drilling Formulas & Calculations booklet with each thread identifier tool!

Oilfield Thread Identifier Tool

  • Oilfield Thread Identifier easily identify tool joint connections
  • 100% High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • Markings deeply etched into stainless steel to last a lifetime

Roughneck City Drilling Formulas and Calculations Booklet

Drilling Formulas and Calculations Booklet
15 pages of the most commonly used formulas and calculations
 Measures 7.75" X 3.25" to fit inside your tally book

  • Convert Field Units To Metric
  • Convert Metric To Field Units
  • Tank Capacities And Volumes
  • Downhole Capacities And Volumes
  • Hole Capacity
  • Drill Pipe Capacity And Displacement
  • Heavy Weight Drill Pipe Capacity
  • Casing Capacity
  • Drill Pipe Range
  • Triplex Pump Output
  • Pump Outputs
  • Kill Sheet Formulas
  • Subsea Formulas

Tool Joint Thread Identifier and Drilling Formulas and Calculations Booklet

Nozzle Gauge / PDC Wear Indicator

Nozzle Gauge
Stainless Steel Nozzle Gauge with PDC Wear Indicator 
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Oil and Gas Gift Tricone Rock Bit Paperweight

 Oilfield Drill Bit Tricone Paperweight Desk Gift


3D scaning technology used to produce minute details right down to the nose cones, jet nozzles and threads

Our tricone rock bit is a perfect replica of a real rock bit!

  • HUGE-measures 3.5" X 2" 
  • Cast in solid pewter-no moving parts
  • Hand painted silver-just like the real rock bits
  • Weighs 2 Lbs!
  • Perfect gift to show customers you appreciate their business
  • Safety awards
*Others charge over $200 for smaller hollow constructed poor imitations of our tricone rockbit with incorrect details! Check out our price!!!!!
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Regular Price $89
Our Sale Price Today Just $69
*Limited Supply Available
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Oilfield & Drilling Rig Accidents

Oilfield Clothing and Slicker Suits

Luminator™ Premium Series Fire Resistant Rain Wear

Flame Resistant to ASTM D6413 Standard
ANSI Class 3 rated for maximum visibility
Complete Suit $79

Oilfield Roughneck FR Slicker Suit Fire Retardant

 2 Piece Rain suit
.40mm Polyurethane on a knitted Cotton/Polyester backing 

 Suit is made with an ultra light weight stretch polyurethane material backed with a soft cotton/polyester blend.
This elastic PU technology allows for maximum comfort and reduced worker fatigue for all seasons.

  • Flame resistant to ASTM D6413 Standard
  • .40 mm thickness
  • 3M reflective material
  • Zipper front closure with storm flap
  • Roll up hood
  • Elastic inner cuff in jacket sleeve
  • Expandable ankle gussets
  • ANSI Class 3 rated for maximum visibility
  • Welded seams
  • Fluorescent Lime Hi Vis Color
  • Sizes: Medium to 4XL
Reg. Retail $149.95 
Starting at $79
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Oilfield Jewelry and Keychains

Drill Pipe Tong Keychains

Drill Pipe Oilfield Tongs Keychain

Manual Tong Keychain

Perfect Holiday Gift For Oilfield Workers!

  • Cast In Lead Free Pewter
  • Nickel Plated To A Miorror Finish
  • 2 1/2" Wide X 1 1/2" Tall
  • Includes Keychain
  • Beautiful Details!

Drill Pipe Tong Keychain Jewelry


Ladies Oilfield T Shirts

Real Housewives Of The Oilfield

Roughneck T Shirts and Hoodies

Oilfield T Shirt Ladies Real Housewives Of The Oilfield FRONT

Oilfield T Shirt Ladies Real Housewives Of The Oilfield BACK

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Oil and Gas Gifts

Working Pump Jack Models $219
Now In Stock! $99
Working Pump Jack Model Plays
 "Deep In The Heart Of Texas"

Pump Jack Model Oilfield Gift

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Roughneck Oilfield Dew Rags

Oilfield Roughneck Dew Rag

"Chill Its" Oilfield Dew Rags

Hi Cool Performance System

When summer heat hits triple digits you know first hand working on rig iron knee deep in sweltering  hot FRC clothing is pure hell.
Our new "Chill It's" line of products are made to beat the heat by wicking away moisture to provide an evaporative cooling effect under your hardhat.

"Chill Its" dew rags have a built in terry cloth  brow band to keep that stinging summer sweat out of your eyes & a 1.5 inch hidden elastic band across the back insures a good looking fit all day long!

Try one of our Chill Its dew rags for cool comfort, good looks and unsurpassed durablility. You will never go back to ordinary cotton!

$7.99 Each

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                    Oilfield Accident Photographs

Roughneck City has a large selection of oilfield & drilling rig accident photographs.

 Go to our Oilfield Accidents page and choose from the following slideshow;

  • Drilling rig wrecks & crashes
  • Oilfield blowouts explosions & fires
  • Graphic accident photos
We also have a  collection of
  • Land rigs
  • Offshore rigs
  • Just plain strange stuff
  • Oilfield hands
  • Oilfield accident Videos