Rock Bit Oilfield Keychain

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 Rock Bit Oilfield Keychain

Tricone Rock Bit Keychain

3D scanning technology  makes our new tricone rock bit perfect right down to the finest details

Machined of solid stainless steel -no need for nickel plating that wears off with time and use

18 Kt. gold plated cones really make this rock bit special

Each turning cone has an individual pattern just like an actual rock bit!

Cones turn on bushings just like a real rock bit- no pins-no slack

Absolutely no other rock bit pendant ever made has been this true to life!

It's solid, huge and heavy weighing almost 2 ounces!

Pendants measures 1.75" X .75 inches

Over measurement 4.25" with free attached keychain

Pendant can be removed from keychain for neck chain use- but please remember its large and heavy

Silver gift box included

Tags: Jewelry & Keychains

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