Chill-Its® High-Performance Dew Rag

  • Chill-Its®  High-Performance Dew Rag
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  • Brand: Ergodyne
  • Product Code: RNC6615 Camo

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Dew Rags

Camo Pattern

High-Performance Dew Rag

Technical fabric transports moisture away. Elastic band for secure, good looking fit!

High-Performance Dew Rag

When summer heat hits triple digits you know first hand working on rig iron knee deep in sweltering  hot FRC clothing is pure hell.

Our Chill It's dew rags are made to beat the heat by wicking away moisture to provide an evaporative cooling effect under your hardhat.

Chill Its dew rags have a built in terry cloth  brow band to keep that stinging summer sweat out of your eyes and a 1.5 inch hidden elastic band across the back insures a good looking fit all day long!

Try a Chill Its dew rags for cool comfort, good looks and unsurpassed durability. You will never go back to ordinary cotton!

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