The Story of a Rotary-Drilled Oil Well (1925)

Category: Education
Duration: 00:18:50
Explains the operation of a rotary drill, using, for demonstration, the Goose Creek (Texas) oil fields. Shows bits, casings, and other equipment that is necessary for rotary drilling. Diagrams indicate the progress of the drilling.

Explains the use of various casings and shows how they are cemented to control the flow of oil.

National Archives Identifier: 12433
Local Identifier: 70.110
Creator(s): Department of the Interior. Bureau of Mines. Pittsburgh Experiment Station. 1934-1/19/1975 (Most Recent)
This item was produced or created: 1925?
The creator compiled or maintained the series between:1934 - 1975
Other Title(s):Bureau of Mines film no. 110
General Note(s):Contributor: Producer, Humble Oil and Refining Co.

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