Canary Islands oil drilling protest

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Boats rammed during peaceful protest against oil drilling.

The 23 year old Italian activist who was knocked overboard has been taken to a hospital where her broken leg is being treated. The other activists returned safely to the Arctic Sunrise. Greenpeace Spain’s efforts to protect the Canary Islands from off shore oil drilling continue.

Earlier this month three navy boats rammed vessels in which Greenpeace activists were approaching a Repsol ship, video distributed by Greenpeace showed.

An Italian protester fell into the water and was injured, Greenpeace said. It said its activists were protesting peacefully.

The Canary Islands are Spain's third most popular destination after the Catalonia region including Barcelona, and the Balearic Islands.

The archipelago received 10.6 million foreign visitors last year, 17.5 percent of the total number of visitors to Spain.

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