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Record Depth Casing Claimed For Offshore Iran Well

January 7, 2019

National Iranian Drilling Co. (NIDC) has performed the deepest casing operation in an offshore wellbore in the Persian Gulf, according to news service Shana.

Record Casing Depth ClaimedThe all-Iranian team managed the program on well no.20 in the Forouzan field oil zone using 53- and 58-lb pipes, said Borzou Torabi Raki, head of piping and wellbore casing administration at NIDC.

A North Drilling Co. rig ran the casing at a depth of 4,100 m (13,451 ft) using fill-up tools and an FMS power tong.

NIDC now aims to conduct similar operations for drill pipes in diameters ranging from 8-20 in. in offshore and onshore wellbores, Raki added.

Source: Offshore Magazine

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