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Thousands Of Oil And Gas Workers Rally Behind Industry At Colorado Capitol

August 3, 2018

The oil and gas industry threw a public rally on the steps of the Colorado Capitol Thursday at lunchtime that lived up to its advance billing as a celebration of the Colorado oil and gas industry and the people who make it work.

An image captured by drone of the Aug. 2 oil and gas industry rally held on the west steps the Colorado state capitol building in downtown Denver.Populated in large part by Colorado energy company employees, about 70% of the crowd showed up at the capitol wearing gray tee shirts that featured the name of the rally, Energy Proud, on the front, and listed the top 10 reasons to love oil and gas on the back of the shirt.

Estimates from the rally put the size of the crowd somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000.

Local oil and gas companies turn out

Employees from many of Denver’s well known oil and gas companies came out for the rally. Oil & Gas 360® spoke to employees from DCP Midstream (ticker: DCP), Liberty Oilfield Services (ticker: LBRT), Anadarko Petroleum (ticker: APC), Whiting Petroleum (ticker: WLL), High Point Resources (ticker: HPR), EOG Resources (ticker: EOG), Bonanza Creek Energy (ticker: BCEI), PDC Energy (ticker: PDCE), Extraction Oil & Gas (ticker: XOG), Encana Corporation (ticker: ECA) and the American Petroleum Institute.

Sarah Sandberg, senior director of communications and public affairs for DCP Midstream, brought her puppy, “Gumbo,” to the rally.

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A live band entertained the arriving throng with country music in advance of Liberty Oilfield Services CEO Chris Wright taking the podium. Wright gave a meaningful talk that itemized how the discovery, development and refining of oil has literally changed the world by causing the cessation of the practice of harvesting whales for lamp oil, putting an end to much of the world’s severe poverty, reducing respiration diseases and making today’s modern lifestyle possible via the advent of products like the smartphone.

Late in his talk, Wright referenced how some groups are actively trying to stop oil and gas development in Colorado, but that the industry—gesturing to all the people in the crowd—represented more than 230,000 jobs and $32 billion to the state’s economy.

Other speakers at the rally included former United States Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton, PetroShare Corp. (ticker: PRHR) CEO Steve Foley, Ned Breslin, CEO, Tennyson Center for Children, and Colorado Rep. James Coleman, VP Community Engagement, ACE Scholarships, CO HD – 7.

Source:Oil & Gas 360

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