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TEXAS: Man Crushed To Death By Pump Jack Counterweights While Attempting To Steal Copper

January 10, 2018

Officials with the Seminole Police Department have not released the identity of the man who was crushed by an oil rig counterweight this weekend.

Texas man crushed to death on this oilfield site while stealing copperAccording to Chief Bernie Kraft, police were called Sunday evening about a body near a pump jack in the draw north of S.W. Ave. B, between S.W. Ave. B and Hwy. 180. 

During the investigation, officers revealed the 49-year-old man cut the lock to the fenced-in area near the pump jack. Officials believe he was trying to cut copper wires near the counterweights. They believe the man was killed either Friday night or Saturday morning.

Officials have identified the man as 49-year-old Shannon Ross Weaver of Seminole.

An autopsy was ordered. 

Source: KCBD

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