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With oil prices dropping to 6 year lows and over 200,000 American Oil Workers losing their jobs but still not a word from the White house concerning any plans to end this bloodbath in the oil and gas industry one has to wonder exactly what this President has against the American Oil and Gas worker?

Obama and his love for IranIn 2008, the entire auto industry was in very bad shape. Layoffs at auto plants and among auto parts suppliers were on track to reach 250,000 workers. CEO's for the auto industry flew their lavish private jets to Washington to meet with Obama and beg for a handout. Obama quickly handed over $80 Billion tax payer dollars and sent them on their way. Prior to this and before leaving office President Bush handed over $17.6 billion in TARP money in December 2008 to keep General Motors and Chrysler afloat. The Treasury Department estimates that about $23 billion of the total amount will never be repaid.



So the question has to be asked,"Why with over 200,000 American Oil and Gas Workers laid off is this President  totally silent?"

Did a Roughneck steal Obama's milk money in school?

In Obama's 2012 Presidential  re-election bid the President claimed under his leadership we are now producing more oil than at any other time in our history, taking credit for our increased oil output derived from plans and programs put in place by the previous Bush administration.

Obama's REAL record on American oil and gas production is pretty dismal.

The President took office and immediately staffed the EPA with his cronies- tossed out the results of a 2 year study conducted under the Bush administration that showed that fracking was safe. Then he ordered his own study attempting to prove that fracking was polluting our environment. After years, even with his hand picked EPA puppets the President could not come up with any real results to disprove the Bush study results and became alarmingly silent on the topic to this day.

President Obama then put forth his "Cap and Trade" plan that would tax American oil producers out of business and increase our dependence on imported oil. The plan was so crazy he could not get it passed even with a majority of crazy liberal Democrats in Congress. The President continues to speak on this like a lunatic to this day.

President Obama then sought to tax producers out of business claiming they were greedy and making too much money and that we should tax the crap out oil them and use that money for his ObamaCare plan- those efforts failed and he was forced to rob Social Security to fund it - we all know how that went down. One could continue citing examples but the case against the Presidents claims of having a hand in America's increased oil production is moot- at least to me.

His campaign  to demonize groups and divide America has been well documented and should be remembered as his legacy- but I digress. lets fast forward back to the present.

We have over 200,000 American Oil workers out of work, losing their homes, their savings and their investments while struggling with finding a way to feed their families without government assistance.

We have OPEC publicly declaring WAR on American Drillers declaring that they will drop the price of oil so low that American producers will go bankrupt keeping America dependent on their oil...still not a word from the President.

Not only does this President refuse to deal with OPEC's all out economic war on America-Obama and fellow liberal Democrats have plans to sell out our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to pay for a highway funding bill.  Obama plans on releasing over 700 million barrels of oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve which was formed for our national security years ago. To hell with National Security!

At full force we can only pump around 4 million barrels a day from the SPR so the effect on oil prices will be long lasting, remember that Saudi Arabia has upped their output to just over 10 million barrels a day in their efforts to bankrupt American producers-now our OWN government plans to add another 40% production to that!

If the economy is as strong as Obama and fellow liberal democrats seeking re-election proclaim, then a highway funding bill should be funded by revenue generated from the gasoline tax and other related taxes like it was intended to and not through the government selling oil into the private sector.

If the economy is as strong as they claim the FED  should be able to raise interest rates, at least a little instead of loaning money to Wall Street interest free for the last 6 years so they can prop up the stock market. Hypocritical that these are the same Wall Street demons that Obama said got us into this financial collapse to start with- the same Wall Street demons that he was going to hang out to dry on our behalf...yet he still continues to loan Wall Street our money interest free.

As Wall Street soars every week to new highs as the rich get richer and the middle class shrinks and millions and millions more Americans require welfare, Food Stamps and other government assistance. Again I digress.

Getting back to Obama and the oil war being waged by OPEC against this country. Instead of offering any kind of solution such as a tariff on imported oil Obama remains silent, in fact through his bone head negations with Iran, our leader has removed sanctions on Iran allowing the terrorist state to now start selling it's oil into the international economy beginning at a rate of 1 million barrels a day to fund its global terrorist efforts!

I quit trying to understand this President years ago. I find no logic and nothing patriotic in anything he does but I continue to wonder why he hates the American oil producer so bad- Did you steal his milk money in school?

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By Roughneck City

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