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SALE Price $69

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Drilling Rig ModelDrilling Rig Model Commemorative Edition

*Our new Drilling Rig Commemorative Model accurately depicts of a modern day "triple" drilling rig with Top Drive

*A beautiful piece to add to your collection or to give as a gift or safety award

*This beautiful Drilling Rig Model is encased in a removable Plexi-Class cover and comes with a padded carrying case for safe storage and shipping Made of brass then plated in in 18kt Gold

*Stands 8.5" tall

*Wooden base measures 4.75" X 4.75"

*In Stock Now


Pump Jack Working Model


Our Pump Jack is made of brass then gold plated to a mirror finish 
Our Pump Jack even plays music while pumping up and down and is priced 50% or more below our competitors!
  • Plays Music  "Deep In The Heart Of Texas"
  • No Batteries Needed
  • Measures 8" Tall X 8.75" Long & 5" Wide  
  • Great gift, safety award or presentation piece for any oilman! 
This item is temporarily out of stock                       
Pump Jack Gold Plated Music Box
NOW IN STOCK Just $219
NEW LOWER PRICE NOW This item is temporarily out of stock    

Tricone Rock Bit- Paperweight
Tricone Rock Bit Paperweight-The perfect oilfield gift or safety award


3D scaning technology used to produce minute details right down to the nose cones, jet nozzles and threads

Our tricone rock bit is a perfect replica of a real rock bit!

  • HUGE-measures 3.5" X 2" 
  • Cast in solid pewter-no moving parts
  • Hand painted silver-just like the real rock bits
  • Weighs 2 Lbs!
  • Perfect gift to show customers you appreciate their business
  • Safety awards
*Others charge over $200 for smaller hollow constructed poor imitations of our tricone rockbit with incorrect details! Check out our price!!!!!
Regular Price $89
Our Sale Price Today Just $69
*Limited Supply Available
Call 888-641-0217 To Order 

Oilfield Tools Collectors Edition Desktop PDC

Commemorating The Drill Bit That Changed the Way We Drill Forever!
PDC Desktop Paperweight

This PDC is the first in our Oilfield Tools Collectors Series

Designed by modeling craftsmen using 3D computer software to capture the finest details of a 6 blade PDC Drill Bit.

Right off you will notice the fine details in the threads , PDC cutters & Jet Nozzles.

This solid pewter Commemorative PDC  Drillbit is a fistful weighing  in at almost 2 pounds!

Perfect as a desktop gift or paperweight this highly collectible oilfield miniature will be cherished for many generations!
Regular Price $89
Our Sale Price Today Just $69
Hand painted details
Length 4"  Weight 2 Lbs.


Call 888-641-0217 To Order 
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