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Oilfield Drilling Rig Videos  Caught On Cam...
With cameras mounted in doghouses and derricks on more and more rigs and the advent of the digital camera Hands are capturing photos and videos everyday to share with others.Some are great safety tools, others are just entertaining, but all are enjoyable. I hope you enjoy those that we have posted here.

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Oilfield Accident Videos & Slideshows ( Warning Graphic Images)
Top Drive Accident Graphic Accident Pictures Geronimo Accident Crowning Out Sedco 700 Blowout
Deadly Lifeboat Drill Oil Rig Blows Out Tubing Wireline Accident Blowouts Fires Explosions Drilling Rig Wrecks
Gas Well Explosion Russian Blowouts Banglaesh Blowout Kuwait Oilwell Fire Workover Blowout
Colorado Blowout Derrickhand Falls Soehanah Blowout Mud Bucket Explosion Underwater Wreck
Columbia Blowout Blowouts Derrick Collapse Derrick Crash H&P 178 Blowout
Sonora Drilling Line Failure West Atlas Blowout Key Energy Rig 444 Wreck Ensign Rig 97 Crowns Out Precision Rig 284 Blowout
Nabors Rig 417 Blowout Dropped Blocks Aftermath Video Tornado Destroys Cactus Rig

Patterson UTI Rig 179 Blowout

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Cool Oilfield Videos & Slideshows

Cudd Pressure Control

Whale On Offshore Platform

Lost Circulation Drains Lake

Excell Services

Roughneck Sings Blues

Blowouts Music Video

Oilfield Baptisms

Patterson Rigs

Forrest Drilling

Laying Down Drill Pipe

Just Plain Strange!

Nomac Rig 1

Chesapeake CNG Chopper

Pioneer Drilling

Marlin Stuck In BOP

Nomac Rig 10

Drilling Rig Pics

Offshore Pics


Oilfield Prank

Roughest Neck Around Video

Jbird & Texas Roughnecks

Drill Here Drill Now

Fire resistant Oilfield Slicker Suits $39
Educational Oilfield Videos
JLG Forklift Training Working On Pumps Mud Motors Bottom Hole Assembly MWD / LWD Tools
Directional Drilling Making A Connection Tricone Drillbit Raising A Derrick The BoardBully
Mud Bucket Explosion
Pumps Left On During a Connection Make a hell of a mess

Laying Down Drill Pipe
 Here is a video of laying down 16500' of 5"Drill Pipe 
& a clip of going
 in  the hole from up at the board. 
  Its set to some Bon Jovi & shows some hands having a good time while putting in a long 12 hour day


Cudd Pressure Control
A collection of photographs
made into a video and set to some Garth Brooks

Making A Connection
This is a video of a connection being made while drilling out cement 

Bridal Up
A video of Bridling up a Derrick to lower,The cables and Tong Lines are tied back on the way up,Then the bridal Line is cut loose and attached to the Hook.

Under Water Wreck
These divers experience a near miss on camera


Columbia Blowout
A rig drilling in Columbia does not seem to have blowout preventers installed when they drilled into this gas pocket-results in a firey blowout

Raising The Derrick 
"Well,they know where here now"

Tri-Cone Drill Bit
This is a very short video  for illustration  purposes. It shows a conventional bit from the underneath as it's turning.

The Board Bully
This is a video of The Board Bully shortly after it was installed in our derrick.
Lost Circulation Drains Lake!
This is a video is from the History Channel that shows a small rig drilling in a shallow lake in Louisiana,when they lose Circulation it drains the lake and the resulting whirlpool sucks several Barges under.It also caused The Gulf of Mexico to flow north for a few days!